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Welcome Amazon shoppers

Welcome Amazon shoppers

Dear Costumer.

Thank you for your purchase on Amazon UK. Amazon is an important partner for Ezee e-cigarettes, but due to their rules and regulations, Amazon can only offer you our nicotine free products.

Nicotine free e-cigarettes suits some people while e-cigarettes with nicotine suits others. Do you prefer nicotine free e-cigarettes, please do continue to purchase our products on amazon.co.uk, where you always will find the best prices.

But do you, or people around you, prefer e-cigarettes with nicotine, Ezee e-cigarettes has a wide range of nicotine products and we are pleased to offer your a discount.

By using this link, you will automatically get 15% your first purchase or alternatively you can type ama16uk in the shopping cart for the discount.

Do you have any questions or comments, please write to us on this email.