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ezee go disposable e-cigarette menthol flavor 12mg nicotine

Ezee Go Disposable E-cigarette Menthol 12mg

5,99 £

Nicotine strength

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Our medium menthol flavoured e-cigarette with 12 mg nicotine and the coveted “pull” in the throat.  Prices from only £ 3.99 

The package contains: 1 pcs. Ezee Go Menthol 12mg/ml nicotine.

Pre-filled with 1 ml of 12mg/ml nicotine liquid, you get a disposable e-cigarette with approximately 400 puffs. The Ezee Go disposable e-cigarette features an automatic inhalation function, providing the sensation of puffing on a regular menthol cigarette.


  • Nicotine strength: 12 mg/ml 
  • Volume: 1.0 ml 
  • Up to 400 puffs depending on your puffing style 
  • Length: 115 mm 
  • Diameter: 10 mm 
  • Weight: 10g 
  • Battery capacity: 285mAh

Instructions for use:

  1. Remove the product from the packaging and discard the plastic tube around the e-cigarette. 
  2. The product starts automatically when you inhale and turns off when you stop. 
  3. The LED at the end of the product lights up when you inhale.

Ezee Go has a 285mAh battery and contains 1 ml of e-liquid, providing up to 400 puffs, depending on your puffing style.

The product is intended for single use. Dispose of the product in accordance with local disposal and recycling regulations.