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Ezee E-Cigarette Starter Kit Menthol 12mg

Ezee E-Cigarette Starter Kit Menthol 12mg

14,95 £

Nicotine strength

Ezee starter kit comes with an USB, rechargeable battery and 3 menthol flavoured cartridges with 12 mg nicotine. Each filter giving around 350 puffs depending on your smoking style. Price for a set only £ 14.95.

Ezee Starter Kit with rechargeable battery and disposable cartridges that easily screw on and off. The cartridge contains 1ml of liquid, providing up to 350 puffs. Menthol flavor and 12mg/ml nicotine. Only £14.95 for a kit.

The package includes: 1 Ezee battery and USB charger, 1 pack of Menthol flavor cartridges with 12mg/ml nicotine.

Filled with 1 ml of liquid with 12mg/ml nicotine, you get an e-cigarette with a rechargeable battery and cartridges that offer around 350 puffs. Each cartridge pack contains 3 cartridges. The Ezee e-cigarette has an integrated automatic inhalation function, providing a sensation similar to drawing on a regular menthol cigarette.

Additional cartridges can be purchased in either menthol or tobacco flavors.


  • Nicotine strength: 12 mg/ml 
  • Volume: 1.0 ml 
  • Up to 350 puffs depending on smoking style 
  • Length: 115 mm 
  • Diameter: 10 mm 
  • Weight: 18g 
  • Battery capacity: 320mAh 


  1. Remove the product from the packaging and remove the rubber caps from the cartridge. 
  2. Charge the battery according to the manual. 
  3. Screw the cartridge onto the battery, and the e-cigarette is ready for use. 
  4. The product starts automatically when you inhale and turns off when you stop.

Ezee has a 320mAh battery and contains 1ml of e-liquid, providing up to 350 puffs depending on your smoking style.

Dispose of the product following local disposal and recycling regulations.