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Vape Pod

Vape Pod system with a stronger battery than our other e-cigarettes, which provides a stronger vapor development. Available in Tobacco and Menthol flavors, in 3 nicotine strengths. Each Pod contains a full 2ml of e-liquid.

Vape Pod

E-cigarette Starter Kit

E-cigarette Starter Kit featuring a rechargeable battery and detachable cartridges. Ideal for those seeking a durable e-cigarette option and cost savings. It comes in Tobacco and Menthol flavors with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 12mg, or 20mg.

E-cigarette Starter Kit

Ezee Puff+

Ezee Puff+ is a disposable vape with 2ml e-liquid, up to 600 puffs.

Ezee Puff+

Ezee Go Disposable E-cigarette

Cigalike with classic flavours of Tobacco and Menthol. Simple to use, with no charger or refills - Prefilled and ready to Go! Choose between 0, 12 or 20 mg. of nicotine.

Ezee Go Disposable E-cigarette

Ezee Puff E-cigarette

Ezee Puff disposable e-cigarette in 8 different flavours all Nicotine free. Comes with ICE e-liquid which gives a strong throat hit.

Ezee Puff E-cigarette

Our customers say

Disposable Vape UK online shop - Get yours with or no nicotine

Here at Ezee-e, being the inveterate smokers we are, we have made it our mission to be able to offer the best Disposable Vape or known as e-cigarette on the market. A Vape e-cigarette that looks and tastes like a real cigarette. An e-cigarette that feels like a real cigarette, but which doesn’t contain the many harmful substances found in regular cigarettes.
At Ezee-e, we don’t sell heaps and heaps of different disposable Vapes. We sell strictly our own products, since after several years of searching, we discovered that the e-cigarette we were looking for simply didn’t exist in the market. It does now, and we would like to share it with you. At Ezee-e, we simply offer you the easy alternative to the harmful cigarette. We offer you an e-cigarette, which, we can guarantee, is among the very best in the market. An e-cigarette, where you don’t have to sacrifice either taste or looks.

Our disposable vapes have that familiar cigarette taste

We like to smoke. We like the taste and feeling of smoking. Therefore, we give you an e-cigarette that both tastes and feels like a real cigarette. We offer you an e-cigarette that has that characteristic cigarette taste, and which gives you that familiar draught in your throat when you inhale. The difference between regular cigarettes and our e-cigarettes is simply that you avoid inhaling the many harmful substances you find in regular tobacco smoke. This is because our e-cigarettes contain no tobacco, but instead liquid nicotine that evaporates in the e-cigarette.

Our two most popular products are: Ezee Go' Disposable e-cigarette and Ezee' Rechargeable e-cigarette with cartridges.

– precisely as with the real thing. These 2 varieties come in 3 strengths: 0 mg, 12 mg,  and 20 mg, so you can choose the nicotine level in your e-cigarette for yourself. It couldn’t be easier!

Elegant e-cigarette: reuse or discard

Our e-cigarettes are of high quality and look like real cigarettes. In simple terms, Ezee e-cigarettes consist of a battery, an atomizer, and a filter containing nicotine liquid. When you inhale through your e-cigarette, the atomizer heats the nicotine liquid in the filter, forming a steam reminiscent of the smoke we know from cigarettes. Thus, with Ezee e-cigarettes you get the familiar feeling of smoking regular cigarettes. You get an elegant and beautiful e-cigarette that tastes just like the traditional cigarette you know and love – only without the harmful side effects. Ezee e-cigarettes come in disposable and rechargeable varieties. Ezee Go and Ezee Pudd is for when you’re on the go, since – precisely like the regular cigarette – it’s a disposable product. Use and toss. As simple as that. Ezee and Ezee Pod are both rechargeable e-cigarettes. A rechargeable e-cigarette is for people who don’t want to toss the battery after use and who would like to save money in the long term. The rechargeable e-cigarette is also for you who would like the option of switching between strength and taste in your e-cigarette, as you have the option of changing the filter.

Ezee e-cigarette: The way to a better life as smoker

As former smokers, we are far from anti-smokers around Ezee. We simply want to help as many people as possible to a less harmful life of smoking. By choosing Ezee e-cigarettes as an alternative to regular cigarettes, you will soon find your breathing to be less labored along with increased energy for physically challenging tasks. In every way, you will have more energy to spare. And as if that wasn’t enough, energy isn’t the only thing you’ll have in abundance. This is because changing to Ezee e-cigarettes will pad your bank account as well.

Welcome to Ezee! We hope you find just the e-cigarette that fits you and your needs. If you have questions about our products, we are ready to help through our contact form here on the website.

No nicotine disposable vape: the easier, healthier alternative

These e-cigarettes are one of our most popular products in our range of Ezee Go and Ezee Puff disposable e-cigarettes – and it’s easy to see why! They combine a nicotine-free option with the convenience of a single-use cigarette for on-the-go smokers who want the pleasure of smoking without the nicotine. Along with our completely nicotine-free Ezee Puff e-cigarettes, our Ezee Go selection also offers disposable e-cigarettes with 12 mg and 20 mg of nicotine so you can easily choose the strength that best suits your needs. Now it’s easier than ever to smoke with lower levels of nicotine, or to go completely nicotine-free.

Disposable e-cigarettes are a hassle-free way to smoke, without the need for recharging or refills. Since they come pre-filled, all you need to do is unwrap them and they are ready to use straight out of the pack. They last up to 400 puffs, depending on your inhalation style, and you can just throw them away once they are empty. They are perfect for smokers with a busy lifestyle, who want a simple and accessible way to smoke. For smokers who want to ditch the nicotine altogether and still keep smoking, a no nicotine disposable vape is an ideal choice – with zero nicotine and zero fuss.

Disposable e-cigarettes that look, feel, and taste just like the real thing

Imagine if you could have the same experience as lighting up a cigarette, and have the peace of mind to enjoy it as a less harmful version? Our Ezee Go range delivers disposable e-cigarettes that we have created to replace traditional cigarettes. Their slim construction with a soft-tip filter atop a silver base resembles a typical paper-rolled cigarette. And at a mere 10 g, holding these lightweight e-cigarettes gives the same familiar feel that you are used to. Best of all, the experience of smoking these disposable e-cigarettes matches their elegant design. These e-cigarettes deliver the same smooth inhalation and taste of a traditional cigarette whilst letting out actual smoke/vapour upon exhalation. Ezee Go products are available in the traditional flavours of Tobacco and Menthol. 

For smokers with a drive to go beyond the basics, the unique square shape, lively range of flavours, and cooling effect of the Ezee Puff no nicotine disposable vape collection will put some pizzazz in your everyday puff. All Ezee Puff e-cigarettes are completely nicotine free. Without nicotine, they deliver that special pull in the throat instead, through the refreshing sensation of ICE e-liquid which comes in an exciting array of eight flavours. Aside from the traditional flavours of Tobacco and Menthol, you can choose between Champagne, Cappuccino, Pina Colada, Apple, Blueberry, and Passion Fruit. If you love variety and can’t wait to try them all, Ezee Puff comes in a sample set with all eight flavours. For smokers who want the newest, trendiest tastes, Ezee Puff also comes in a sample set with all six beverage and fruity flavours – leaving the traditional Tobacco and Menthol out.     

Ezee’s customized range to suit your ideal puff

We really like smoking and we know how important it is to get the experience in just the way we want to have it. We provide a variety of choices to supply an ideal e-cigarette for the selective smoker. Would you like an e-cigarette that looks and feels like a traditional one? We’ve got it! Fancy opting for a no nicotine disposable vape? Sure thing! Want to experiment with a parade of fun flavours? Tick! Too many choices? We invite you to try our sample packs. For every smoking need, we’ve got you covered!

If saving time is your main priority, disposable e-cigarettes are the way to go. For heavier smokers who want a more economical option, then rechargeable e-cigarettes can allow you to continue smoking more often without emptying your wallet. We cater to every taste, and we even offer a special caffeinated vaporizer for whenever you need that extra spring in your step. Our Ezee Energy Caffeine Inhaler is the newest addition to our most popular no nicotine disposable vape collection and other nicotine-free products, delivering a potent pick-me-up that includes our special blend of ginseng, guarana, and taurine. We recommend this unique energy-infusion as a healthier alternative to energy drinks, which are loaded with sugar and empty calories. True to our mission of providing the ultimate e-cigarette on the market, we strive to suit every taste for a superlative smoking experience that is sure to leave you satisfied.   

A smooth transition from traditional cigarettes

As former smokers, we know the challenges of trying to give up a habit that has many adverse health effects which is why we care so much about helping others to switch to a less harmful alternative. While the choice of a no nicotine disposable vape might be the appropriate choice for an occasional smoker, it may be too big of a step for someone who smokes much more frequently. For heavier smokers, we offer a more powerful vape in our Ezee Pod System. This rechargeable system presents pre-filled, disposable pods with a larger capacity than our other products. It includes a powerful 400mAh battery and a magnetic USB charger and a single pod contains as much as 1.6 ml of e-liquid, which is twice the amount of what the major competitors provide. 

Matching the variety we make available in our other range of products, the Ezee Pod System also provides extensive options. At the highest strength, the Ezee Pod System offers a choice of 20 mg of salt-nicotine, a power-packed punch that delivers the most direct, intense sensation. It also gives the standard nicotine options in levels of 0 mg, 12 mg, and 20 mg in Tobacco and Menthol flavours. The Ezee Pod System’s includes additional flavours to our no nicotine disposable vape selection, with a total of six tasty nicotine free flavours of Blueberry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Melon, Cappuccino, and Milky Berry. 

At Ezee, we make it easy for you to choose a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. We invite you to put down your lighter and matches, to stop filling your lungs with thousands of harmful chemicals and dry smoke, and to transition to a healthier, cleaner alternative to smoking.