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Safety and Service when your order at Ezee-e

My name is Jes B. Jepsen, Im 52 years old and married on the 22nd year and the father of two boys. Im fond of good food, good rum and a drink now and again, ive been smoking since I was 14 years old so I guess you can call me a bit of a pleasure seeker.

I never thought much about smoking but coming to realize that I most probably lived more than half my life you start to think more about “things” and what one does to oneself. I think we would all like to "stay a little longer”.

When you order your e-cigarettes at Ezee, your safety and service always comes first

Having tried to quit cigarettes multiple times - and realizing that it was too hard for me - I started looking around for alternatives; e-cigarettes of course. I quickly found out that I couldn't be bothered re-filling liquid and whatever “they” offered - and the available e-cigarettes on the marked tasted strange.
So, if you want a thing done well, do it yourself and I got started. With a background in advertising I decided that not only should my e-cigarettes taste good and be of the highest quality - they should also have a significant great design.

And the result is Ezee as they are today - of course without lots of silly taste variations - simply tobacco and menthol.

We guarantee your safety and service

I guarantee that you can order safely through this website. We do not have subscriptions or anything written in small letters,- we do not deduct the money from your account until you’ve recieved your goods. The quality of our products are superiour but should you receive a faulty e-cigarette from us we’ll change it without hazzle.

Im looking foreward to shipping you Ezee electric cigarettes and I hope and believe that you think we’ve hit bull’s eye in terms of taste and quality.

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