Green Smoke and MarkTen discontinued - Where do you get alternatives?

Altria announced that, as of December 19th, 2018, MarkTen as well as Green Smoke products are no longer available for purchase online. The recent move appears to be a consequence of the tobacco giants investment into JUUL vapor. JUUL, with a market share of about 75% in the US market, rose to dominance seemingly overnight –  and Altria wants its slice of the cake.

The vaping industry has undergone a huge change in only a couple of years. From its early beginnings with products that look and feel like traditional cigarettes to more recent developments with larger batteries that produce thicker clouds, such as pod- or tank-systems. Consequently, the focus has shifted and Altria gave up its established brands MarkTen and Green Smoke. While this move makes sense from a business perspective, chasing the highest revenue possible, one key element seems to be forgotten: the existing customers.

Cigalike products are still relevant to customers

While the vaping market is growing and consumers seem to prefer newer devices, such as pod- or tank-systems, there is still a large customer base that prefers cigalike products. The ease of use, the familiar haptic, the feeling of smoking a product that resembles traditional cigarettes still appeals to many. With the closing down of Green Smoke and MarkTen these consumers are forced to search for alternative offers. It is unlikely that Altria is going to offer any real cigalike alternatives but will rather promote its other brands and products. However, these will most likely not appeal to existing cigalike consumers since the familiar feel is a key element of why these products are bought.

Real alternatives to Green Smoke and MarkTen e-cigarettes?

Luckily, Ezee e-cigarettes sole focus has always been and will always be its loyal customers. Since 2015 we made a promise to create a product that feels, tastes and looks like a traditional cigarette – a product that exactly fulfills the needs a traditional smoker is looking for.

We offer these in two versions: a rechargeable starter kit and our disposable devices Ezee Go and Ezee Puff

Our products are similar to the ones Green Smoke and MarkTen used to offer and therefore present a great and true alternative. If you liked Altrias products you will love Ezee e-cigarettes!

We offer our products in six different tastes, including all-time classics such as tobacco and menthol with various strengths of nicotine, and our nicotine-free "Fun" range which consists of flavours such as Energy, Cappuccino, Apple and Champagne.