Are you a former smoker of menthol cigarettes? - Then try a vape with menthol

In May 2020, the European Union and the UK implemented a ban on menthol cigarettes as part of the European Union Revised Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Although the decision was made back in 2016, many had almost forgotten about it. However, the long-awaited amendments to the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD2) are now in effect, bringing stricter regulations for the sale of tobacco products and tobacco-like items.

A significant aspect of these changes concerns the addition of flavourings in tobacco products, specifically aromas that alter or conceal the true tobacco taste. This includes the use of menthol or menthol flavour. The updated guidelines cover products such as cigarettes, cigarillos, and rolling tobacco.

The rationale behind the ban is the assertion that flavourings, particularly menthol, in cigarettes and tobacco, may entice more young people to initiate smoking.

What about e-cigarettes, though? Menthol or similar "cooling" aromas, such as mint, are immensely popular in vaping. Some individuals solely vape spearmint or menthol flavours. Notably, vapers who have successfully transitioned away from nicotine dependence through e-cigarettes often rely on refreshing menthol liquids.

Menthol or menthol-like liquids typically provide a "throat hit" even without nicotine – a sensation in the throat that mimics nicotine vaping, aiding many former smokers in overcoming nicotine addiction.

The silver lining: the new regulation exclusively targets tobacco products and does not extend to "related products," which, according to legal definitions, encompass e-cigarettes. This implies that for vapers, little changes, and they can continue enjoying menthol, mint, or similar flavoured liquids. On the other hand, smokers must contemplate alternatives, making it an opportune moment to consider switching.

In the US, there's been growing momentum in several states to ban menthol cigarettes, alongside a federal proposal to prohibit flavours in all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

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