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Ezee E-Cigarette Battery Tobacco

Ezee E-Cigarette Battery Tobacco

8,95 £

Extra battery for your cartridges in red colour. The batteries and different cartridges can be used interchangeably without any disadvantages. Price  only £ 8.95

Battery type: Lithium-ion cell P08570D
Capacity: 320mAh
Voltage (V): 3.7V
Dimensions (mm): 77mm x 9.2mm
Weight (g): 14g

The charging time for a fully depleted battery is approximately 2.5 hours using a wall socket and about 4 hours with USB. The battery has a lifespan of around 250 charges, after which the capacity will decline. The battery is charged using USB, which can be used with a Charger. The battery is ready for use after charging. Afterward, attaching a new cartridge is easily and quickly done using the smart threading system. The battery is of high quality and has an attractive design. Safety is crucial, which is why the voltage on our batteries cannot be adjusted. Always transport and store your e-cigarette batteries safely and securely to avoid dust and dirt.